Funeral and Graveside Services

TotalCaptionEverywhere™ offers a customized solution for mourners who want to be present at a funeral or graveside service but are unable to attend while at the same time enhancing the overall experience for those in attendance. Our proprietary realtime technology was created specifically to enable loved ones to view live streaming text of the ceremony from anywhere in the world.

Some people cannot attend due to poor health, because of time or distance, or the expense. Now they are able to share in the experience as it happens thanks to TotalCaptionEverywhere™.

Our live streaming technology delivers text directly to any smartphone, tablet, computer, or web-enabled television. Friends and family may be traveling on a train in France, sitting at their desk in Los Angeles, or resting in their bedroom in Florida and still share in the experience. All they need is an Internet connection.

For the loved ones who are present at the service, captions can be displayed for anyone or everyone, with or without a hearing loss, to follow along.

So whether it is for one person or 1,000 people, TotalCaptionEverywhere™ lets everybody share in the experience!

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