Remote and Onsite CART Services

Onsite CART

A CART Reporter is onsite listening to the speaker and simultaneously inputting the spoken words stenographically onto a shorthand writer. In realtime, the text is translated back into English and displayed, either on a computer screen or tablet for one person (Personal CART), or projected onto a screen or monitor for an audience to view (Group CART).

Remote CART

A CART Reporter is not onsite, but rather is connected to the event in two ways – one to hear the audio from the speaker (via Internet or telephone), and the other to stream the realtime text via a secure Internet link with virtually no delay back to the CART recipient.

Additionally, TotalCaptionEverywhere™’s proprietary technology allows multiple users, whether onsite or remote, to receive the live streaming text on any computer, web-enabled TV, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.

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Learn about the different ways CART can be used from personal events to public events