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Web Captioning, Post Production, Transcription Services

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Web Captioning/Live Streaming

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Technology advances at an incredibly fast pace. The ability to view events online is becoming easier and easier every day. There are many platforms that make it possible for people to virtually attend events all over the globe without having to leave their desk. TotalCaption’s team of trained CART Providers make captions available on numerous Internet live streaming platforms so virtual attendees, with and without hearing loss, can participate to the degree that is most suitable to them. Captions not only benefit people with hearing loss, but there are occasions when playing audio is not convenient, which makes reading what is said crucial for comprehension.

Post-Production Captions 


Web and Video Captioning, the post-production addition of open and closed captions onto Internet and DVD video, is in increasing demand. This stems from the fact that one-quarter of the American population is either deaf, hard of hearing, or uses English as a second language.

Today, businesses and government use web and video captioning to reach a wider audience, as well as to be compliant with accessibility laws. TotalCaption provides turnkey solutions for all post-production captioning needs.

Transcription Services


TotalCaption specializes in audio and video transcription. Each of our transcripts is guaranteed to have a 98% or better rate of accuracy. A combination of state-of-the-art listening equipment and experienced Court and CART Reporters who have backgrounds in the medical, legal and academia fields enable us to offer the highest quality transcript.

Our staff has transcribed thousands of hours of audio and video recordings in a variety of settings and mediums.

To learn more about how CART services can be tailored to your needs, contact us and we will have a representative ready to work with you.