Making the Workplace More Accessible for Everyone

TotalCaption provides CART services for any person in need. We assist our corporate clients with hearing loss in overcoming obstacles and accommodation barriers in the workplace. Clients can receive realtime onsite or remote captions on the device of their choice. Having access to realtime CART allows an individual to participate in the workplace or in a meeting in a way they may not have felt comfortable before for various reasons. Some are unsure if they heard correctly, and do not want to draw attention to themselves, and ask colleagues or even superiors to repeat themselves. So CART helps put everyone on the same page. Also, if requested, we are able to provide electronic transcripts of the captions which could be helpful for the employee to have as notes for future use. Discretion, confidentiality, and individual preferences are paramount to us, and our team of CART Providers are experienced in ensuring all clients’ and their employers’ needs are met.

Experienced CART Providers in the Workplace

TotalCaption has years of experience captioning many different business environments, both onsite and remotely, whether it be a training seminar, a business meeting for two people or an auditorium for hundreds, a confidential work review with a supervisor, a conference call, or any business setting.   No matter what the event is TotalCaption has the experience to help. Planning an Expo or Conference and are looking for captions for that event? Check out our Conference/Expo page.

I have used TotalCaption CART services, live and remote, in a variety of settings including small meetings, at major special events and city agency functions. Their transcriptions are consistently fast and accurate, the most important qualities one looks for when requiring accessibility.”

— Toni I.

Customized CART Services

TotalCaption allows you to customize your CART needs. We accomplish this by providing both onsite and remote captions, and by allowing our customers to display their captions on their preferred device, like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. By allowing the CART Captioner to be either remote or onsite, businesses and employees have the ability to choose what they prefer and what is going to make them feel most comfortable in the workplace.

History Behind CART in the Workplace


There was a time, seemingly not long ago, where a person with hearing loss could not be productive in an office or other designated facility due to his/her inability to communicate effectively. CART was on the scene before 1990 when the ADA was signed into law. Law which made it mandatory to satisfy the reasonable communication needs of every individual. You can rely on TotalCaption to meet these requirements of the ADA and improve the experience for any individual in the workplace.

TotalCaption Has Helped Business In Many Ways Including:

  • Webinars

  • Focus Groups

  • Association and Foundation Meetings

  • Corporate Meetings/Trainings

  • Conference Calls

  • Government-Sponsored Activities

  • Public Forum Meetings

  • Conventions/Expos

  • Panel Discussions

To learn more about how CART services can be tailored to your business needs, contact us and we will have a representative ready to work with you.