Medical Services

Medical Services

For more than a decade, TotalCaption has assisted clients in the medical setting. We provide a professional and experienced CART Reporter who has the ability to ensure patients and their families have a clear understanding of everything that is happening during their visit.

Our Services in Medical Environments

TotalCaption provides CART captioning at routine appointments to a doctor’s office, important consultations before and after medical procedures, and even during emergency visits to the hospital. Our team of CART Reporters understands that confidentiality and privacy are crucial in this setting.  We also know that people with hearing loss, who are not always the patients, must have total comprehension during medical visits, as consequences of misunderstanding can be potentially life-threatening. No matter what the situation is TotalCaption is there.

Our Capabilities

The professionalism and experience of our CART reporters can truly be seen by our capabilities to assist our clients in the medical environment. It is important to us that each of our clients know exactly what is happening during their medical visits. We assist those with hearing loss with important captions so they are able to speak with doctors and nurses and are able get the information they need. Sensitivity is of paramount importance, as discussions between medical professionals and patients are personal, can be emotional, and are often uncomfortable. We are able to customize and tailor each experience to try to alleviate any uneasiness.

Customized CART Services

TotalCaption allows you to customize your CART experience. We accomplish this by providing both onsite and remote captions, and by allowing our clients to display captions on their preferred device, such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. By allowing the CART Captioner to be either remote or onsite, doctors and patients  have the ability to choose what they prefer and what is going to make them feel most comfortable.

To learn more about how CART services can be tailored to meet your medical needs, contact us and we will have a representative ready to work with you.