Our Services

TotalCaption has been providing Customized CART services for generations and still offers clients the latest innovative technology. Read more to learn about all the ways TotalCaption can help you!



Students with hearing loss in any type of schooling are able to receive CART services online or remotely. TotalCaption works closely with school administrators and disability service departments to demonstrate the technological advancements and the ease with which a student with hearing loss can engage academically to achieve success in his/her field of endeavor. 


TotalCaption provides both onsite and remote CART services for any person in need, whether it be a training seminar, a business meeting for two people or an auditorium for hundreds, a confidential work review with a supervisor, a conference call, or any business environment where a person with hearing loss might be attending.


Medical Services

TotalCaption will provide a CART Reporter, either onsite or remote, at a doctor’s office to caption an important meeting where the medical practitioner is explaining the result of a medical exam, a consultation with family or friends, or as intimate and confidential as a medical examination.

Social Events

CART is designed to fit any situation, not just in a classroom or a boardroom. TotalCaption’s personnel are expert in customizing events that would otherwise appear impossible for people with hearing loss to attend.



TotalCaption has provided CART for thousands of attendees at various conferences and public expositions. Not only are we able to provide realtime captions to  attendees’ preferred devices for individual viewing, but we also have the ability to project realtime captions for audiences of any size.   

In a more perfect world, TotalCaption would be by my side to CART every day of my life.”
— Toni I.

Web Captioning/Live Streaming

TotalCaption’s team of trained CART Providers make captions available on numerous Internet live streaming platforms so virtual attendees, with and without hearing loss, can participate to the degree that is most suitable to them.



Post-Production Captions

Today, businesses and government use web and video captioning to reach a wider audience, as well as to be compliant with accessibility laws. TotalCaption provides turnkey solutions for all post-production captioning needs.


Transcription Services

TotalCaption specializes in audio and video transcription. Each of our transcripts is guaranteed to have a 98% or better rate of accuracy. State-of-the-art listening equipment and experienced Court and CART Reporters combine to offer the highest quality transcripts.