Social Events


TotalCaption has assisted its clients for many years in social settings. Social settings can become situations where it is difficult to make conversation due to background noise or other environmental factors. TotalCaption can assist those with hearing loss to have a better overall experience and to communicate more effectively. No matter what the event is, TotalCaption designs your CART captions to fit any situation. TotalCaption’s personnel are experts in customizing events that can otherwise appear impossible for people with hearing loss to attend.

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • Comedy Shows

  • Senior Citizen Communities

  • Outdoor Events

  • Author Presentations

  • Book Signings

Where CART Can Help?

TotalCaption in the past has helped many clients participate in a variety of  social events.. Social gatherings such as a comedy show, an outdoor event, a presentation in a senior citizen facility, or an author’s presentation about a new book, are just a few examples of where CART can be used to create a better experience for attendees. We also have experience providing CART captions in religious settings like weddings, holiday celebrations, and even serious events like funerals in a discreet and professional fashion. We feel that everyone should have the opportunity to participate at every function, whether a happy or sad occasion.

Customized CART Services

TotalCaption allows you to customize your CART experience. We accomplish this by  providing both onsite and remote captions, and by allowing our customers to display their captions on their preferred device, like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. By allowing the CART Captioner to be either remote or onsite, people have the ability to choose what they prefer and what is going to make them feel most comfortable at their social event.

To learn more about how CART services can be tailored to your social event or needs, contact us and we will have a representative ready to work with you or your party.